Trendy Copper Kitchen Accessories

Trendy Kitchen Accessories

Agh! Amazon, you are KILLING me with all your copper and rose gold kitchen suggestions! Blast your incredible insight into my likes and dislikes, your special magical algorithms that know me so stinking well.

Blast your incredible insight into my likes and dislikes, your special magical algorithms that know me so stinking well.

Earlier this year I purchased some gorgeous copper and rose gold items for my cottage kitchen, and ever since Amazon has been pummeling me with temptation. Speaking of which, I’ll be sure to link up all these shopping affiliate links below.

Copper Kitchen Accessories and Styling

I bought a set of copper pans, copper measuring cups & spoons, which I aaaaadore (and the price was just right)!

Then Amazon tempted me with these pretty items. Wouldn’t they amazing in this kitchen?

Rose Gold Wall Clock

Copper Utensil Set

Copper Trivet


Gah, why do you have to be SO pretty?

I think they would go amazingly well with the other rose gold and copper things I already have in my cottage kitchen. Yeah, you could pretty much say I went copper crazy in that kitchen…I haven’t even mentioned about 6 other copper pieces I have in there. Lol!

Small kitchen makeover - open kitchen storage and shelving

There are a few items I WISH I had found before. For example, I added a small silver/black microwave to the cottage for Airbnb guests to use, and then I found the copper one. *bummer*  I like the idea of looking for the common small appliances in copper (or whatever your complimentary color is)…I mean, you’re already going to buy them, so why not get them in a great hue? It doesn’t often cost you anything extra, and the times when it does, it is worth the few extra bucks.

Copper Coffee Maker

Copper microwave

Kitchenaid mixer


Only now I’ve been bitten by the copper bug, and am even considering some of these other kitchen items. I don’t want to go overboard with copper, but even if I just add a few more items I’m still going to share these awesome Amazon suggestions that I love best with you.

Copper Salt and Pepper Shaker - ktichen trends

Okay, here you go!

8 Must Have Copper Kitchen Accessories

  1. Walnut Copper Gadget Set
  2. Old Fashioned Hammered Copper Glasses
  3. 13 Piece Knife Set
  4. Soap Dispenser Pump
  5. Salt & Pepper Shaker
  6. Hanging Geometric Planter Vase
  7. Copper Tea & Coffee Canisters
  8. Copper Wire Basket

You’re welcome! And I bet now you are going to have a ton of copper items showing up in your Amazon account suggestions too. Lol! Yep, you are weeeeellllcome. 😀

Like this, love this -1200 x 100

1 Comment on Trendy Copper Kitchen Accessories

  1. Do gia dung thong minh
    October 20, 2017 at 6:51 am (5 months ago)

    Copper stuffs are so amazing! Really like them. Gonna visit Amazon for them. Thanks for your post!


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