Greenery Dinner Tablescape


Something about all the gorgeous greenery outside has given me the urge to do something completely different

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Every fall, right around the holiday season, I find myself creating the same type of tablescape…one sprinkled with white pumpkins, gold painted leaves, and usually some pine cones.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it! But this year, as I have just moved into my wooded 16 acre property, something about all the gorgeous greenery outside has given me the urge to do something COMPLETELY different.


Let’s just say, I’m feeling inspired by all the greenery, and since the leaves here in North Carolina have barely begun to turn color (wow, and so late in the season!), it seems appropriate for a small “We’re New To The Neighborhood” dinner party. I may have also been influenced by all the bud vases I’ve seen floating around Pinterest lately (confessions of a pinning fool).


I just LOVE this BHG Modern Rim Dinnerware set! Have you seen anything like this before? It’s funny, I’m adoring it for the style, but my mom side is even more thrilled that there is a lip so the kids are less likely to spill their food of the edge of their plates. Haha, oh the simple little things that bring joy to a mother’s existence.

The bowls are just adorable, the shape and size is just perfect for me! I like something not too wide brimmed so I can easily drink the milk of my cereal at breakfast, but not something so small you can’t get a nice deep hearty helping of soup at dinner.


For this little dinner, I am setting a simple black paper cutout that I wrote the menu on with a gold ink marker. It sits just inside the bowl, and also serves as a table place card so my guests know just where to sit.

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a big fan of adding a lot of metallic hues to any type of decor. I’m pretty sure it’s a weakness I may tend to overdo. But in this case, it adds the perfect amount of glimmer to a very nature oriented setting. I simply spray painted the bottom (or tops) of a few of these jars to match the gold dots in the wrapping paper I laid down as a place mat of sorts.


I picked up the BHG flatware found exclusively at Walmart as well, and I’m liking their everyday style, that can also be dressed up to work for a more formal dinner. Hey, not all of us can afford to have a special set of flatware just for fancy dinners. The truth is, my kids would find it and mix it into our everyday set anyway… 😀


As for the napkins, well I bought some inexpensive plain white cloth napkins from Walmart, and embellished them with all-purpose fabric paint! Neat right? But I’ll share more on that later.

The cake stand is a BHG Acacia Wood and Marble stand, and it is so lovely I wish I had purchased two! I imagine it holding my daughter’s delicious carrot caked, topped with a lovely coconut cream sauce dripping down the sides, or how beautiful it will look loaded with honey drizzled fruit…grapes, figs, sliced strawberries, melon. Mmmmm. For this dinner, I’m thinking it will become a platter of various cheeses.


Don’t forget the most important decorating feature of this tablescape! The greenery! I clipped a few random leaves from my yard, and a few from my indoor plants, and even added in a potted succulent for good measure.

And last but not least, you’ll notice that I have been putting these BHG flameless candles to good use all year long! I like that curious little fingers from any little dinner guests won’t get burned reaching for a candle since it is a battery powered flameless luminary.


You can set up this tablescape from the day before (which is what I have done), then have one less thing to think of while cooking for your dinner party. I don’t know about you, but for me that is vitally important…I don’t want to mess up a single dish!


Tomorrow’s dinner is going to be amazing, if I do say so myself!

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