Faux Moss & Succulent Terrarium

Faux Moss & Succulent Terrarium

I have been adding more and more greenery to my house. Besides the benefit of cleaning the air, I love to have little of the outdoors brought in, especially when the fall and winter season turns everything outside golden. That being said, apparently I have a black thumb, because I keep killing each house plant one after the other. So sad. Until I figure out what I’m doing wrong, a faux Terrarium will have to be that bit of green I desire, without any of the effort to keep it alive.

Apparently I have a black thumb, because I keep killing each house plant one after the other…

Ready to get started? This fun little project takes a few minutes, but has a lovely result!

Steps and Supplies

Terrarium - materials

Here’s What You’ll Need

Terrarium - moss - river rocks - succulents

Start by spray painting your river rock to a beautiful metallic gold. Plain river rock is also beautiful, but I love to add a little bit of something sparkly and metallic wherever I can.

Terrarium - gold sprayed river rocks

Place the river rock in the bottom of the jar. If only one side of the jar will be mainly featured in your vignette then push them toward the bottom front of the jar.

Terrarium Jar - place painted rocks

Next add your moss and plastic succulents in a slight mound.

Terrarium Jar - moss and faux succulents

I loooooove succulents, but seeing as I have a history of killing them, these plastic versions are pretty impressive and do the job quite nicely!

Plastic Succulents

It only takes a few plastic succulents tucked into the moss to make a beautiful Terrarium.

Terrarium Jar

How’s that for bringing in a little greenery?

Faux Succulent Terrarium

I think the key to a really great looking Terrarium is actually the jar you choose. I’m loving this over sized jar.

Terrarium in a Jar

And if I can manage to keep any of my real plants alive, it fits in nicely. And if I can’t, well at least I’ll have one green thing that requires no effort and no green thumb!

How to Make an Effort Free Terrarium

Like this, love this -1200 x 100

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  1. Val
    May 1, 2016 at 12:58 pm (2 years ago)

    Where did you get the jar you used?


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