Easter Centerpiece – A Seasonal Display

Easter Lantern Centerpiece

Terrariums, floral bouquets, or growing displays are a few of the beautiful ways to bring a touch of spring into your home, and personally I could use as much greenery as possible in my space.

However as busy as my life has been, I am liable to kill even the hardiest of indoor plants or centerpieces, and florals don’t last very long, so I decided to create a seasonal Easter/Spring display with fake foliage so I could set it and forget it.

Dipped Easter Egg Centerpiece

Because I have decided not to use real floral and foliage, I have the freedom to create my display inside of something unique, and I chose lanterns. The lovely thing thing about a lantern display is that they make a cute centerpiece, but they can also become a gorgeous hanging display! Hung from hooks by the front door, or on a deck would also be pretty…. but until the spring weather is a little more sunny than cold rain, inside these will stay!

The lovely thing thing about a lantern display is that they make a cute centerpiece, but they can also become a gorgeous hanging display!


Easter Centerpiece Tablescape

It makes for the perfect seasonal vignette or Easter centerpiece and requires no care at all (which is just my speed these days!). Then when the season is over, you can simply switch out the material inside the lantern for something a little more appropriate to the season!

Easter table setting


When you are not using it as a centerpiece, or when dinner is done, these decorative displays can occupy a mantel, a bookcase, a front entry, etc. Have you seen where they typically sit in my kitchen’s bookcase pantry? Beautiful!

Easter decor

Easter Egg display


Ready To Make Your Own? Let’s Get Started!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Glass Lantern
  • Faux foliage, moss, and paper or plastic florals
  • Wooden eggs
  • Acrylic paint and soft bristle brushes
  • Rubber bands

Easter Egg lantern - materialsStart by painting your wooden eggs. Use a rubber band tightly wrapped around the egg at an angle to be the dividing line. You will paint the bottom and leave the top bare. Start painting from from the rubber band edges down…don’t allow the paint to pool near the rubber band, you want to keep the paint smooth and thin around those edges, so brush it well! It is ok if it is thicker away from the rubber band edges.

Easter Egg painting

Allow the paint to dry thoroughly. Next move the rubber band further down the egg and choose a second color to paint on. This is called color blocking, and it makes such a great design on an egg! OR, another technique is to leave that original rubber band in place after it has dried and paint on a second color from that point halfway down. Leave feathery brush strokes, itt is almost an ombré effect and is beautiful!

Color blocking easter eggs

Gold dipped easter egg


Drying Tip: create a little circle with painters tape that you can prop the bare end of the egg in while it dries.

While your wooden eggs finish drying, create a foliage landscape inside of your lanterns. I love this little birds nest I found! What makes this truly a spring display is that these become bird eggs and you are creating a pretty nest for them to sit in! Easter/Spring…it is all in the eye of the beholder!

How to build a spring terrarium

Don’t add too many items to the lantern, you don’t want these to have to be glued down but rather easily switched out for new materials when a new season starts!

Easter Egg Display In A Lantern

All of these materials sit free form inside of your landscape, so you’ll need to nestle the eggs down as best you can to prevent them from rolling around.

Easter egg lantern

Make each lantern different, they will all compliment each other and work together, but each have a unique appeal of their own!

I love how simple this display is, but yet so beautiful and so many possibilities! Make each lantern different, they will all compliment each other and work together, but each have a unique appeal of their own!

Easter Centerpiece - lantern terrarium

Remember, be creative!

You don’t have to stick to a lantern for this project, there are a slew of alternate items such as a hurricane lamp, canning jars, or a wire basket that will be beautiful as well. You are only limited by your imagination!

When you are done with your decorative display, disassemble it, but why not keep your foliage as a centerpiece? Well, I always believe in making the most of what you have and keeping life simple (and sometimes minimal!) So here are a couple organizing tips for you to consider>>

Quick Tips

The beauty of a decorative project like this one is being able to store it on display. What that means is that instead of having to put it away after the season is over, simply re-decorate it for the new season or hang it up as a regular lantern. Use more decorative displays that serve a purpose or are multi-use to avoid creating “collections” that you have to clutter storage rooms with.


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4 Comments on Easter Centerpiece – A Seasonal Display

  1. Barbara
    February 13, 2018 at 9:29 am (1 month ago)

    Where did you get the round lanterns? I like the size.

  2. Tonya
    February 22, 2016 at 12:48 pm (2 years ago)

    Where can I buy these lanterns?

    • Ursula Carmona
      February 23, 2016 at 7:43 pm (2 years ago)

      I purchased these at Pat Catan’s. :)


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