Wallternatives, A Beautiful Wall Art Solution!

My sister Sarah and her husband have a sweet humble apartment (translation…tiny), and a modest decorating budget (translation…minuscule to none), and lots of time to make it beautiful (well that’s just a straight up lie… I’m surprised they have time to eat Ramen between work and college!).

Ah the life and budget of a student. I can’t say I miss it. *grin*  That being said, my sister has the same decorating itch I do, and has been dying to put something pretty up on her walls.
The moment I found out about 
Wallternatives™  Wall Decals, I knew I had the perfect solution for her rental! This gorgeous  “Art Is Everywhere” Dorm Decor decal is exactly the right mix of artsy and modern typography for my sister’s apartment. 

Decor that won’t upset her landlord and makes her space look great… am I a great sister or what? Haha, don’t think I neglected my own walls however, I have some cute gold triangle shaped decals I’ll be using when I tackle my eldest daughters bedroom. I can’t wait!
As you can see here, my sister’s walls are a bit sparse, so Wallternatives™ wall decals are the perfect solution!
Meet My Sister, Sarah
“I was excited to try the Wallternatives™ decal for my apartment. It was wonderfully easy to use, even for someone like me who gets confused by directions and has to reinvent the whole process.”
“There are step-by-step instructions online, but, rebel that I am, I basically just peeled the backing off and stuck it on the wall. Easy-peasy. Even though my wall is lightly textured, the decal stays on well from the first application. “
“The astonishing thing is that it looks like it was painted on. The vinyl material is very thin, but strong and opaque. It’s not sticky at all, which my landlords will appreciate! I love how it gives my living room instant style with a modern edge, and was pretty much effortless!”

Thanks for sharing Sarah! 
Isn’t my sister and her husband the cutest couple? Hm, I might be liiiittle bit biased, but they are doing beautiful things with their little temporary home!  One of these days I’ll give you a tour of their apartment with all the fantastic tips they have for making home while living the life of a student on a barely budget. 

**Thanks to Wallternatives™ Wall Decal, for gifting this beautiful decal! You can find the “Art Is Everywhere” Dorm Decor decal here,  as well as many other beautiful decals!

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2 Comments on Wallternatives, A Beautiful Wall Art Solution!

  1. Sue Castanien
    March 12, 2016 at 10:03 am (2 years ago)

    I laughed when your sister did what a lot of people would do- ignored the instructions and just stuck it on the wall! It was nice to “meet” Sarah and her husband.

  2. Vivre Shabby Chic
    August 25, 2014 at 5:13 pm (4 years ago)

    I’m new follower,
    your blog is very interesting… Nice to read you ^^
    Hugs from Rome,


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