USA Patriotic Marquee

USA Patriotic Marquee - 4th of July Project

Ready to get patriotic? Here in the U.S. everyone is putting up their flags, and rolling out their stars and stripes banners in preparation for our 4th of July Independence Day.

I have a fun little marquee project that you can celebrate Independence Day with, then re-decorate later into a cute little “US” marquee sign celebrating you and your sweetheart!

USA Patriotic Marquee unlit

Ready to get started?

USA Marquee - Materials


Heidi Swapp Marquee

Scrapbook paper

Heidi Swapp Scrapbook paper


I could make DIY marquee letters from sxcratch, but I was eager to try out these cute Heidi Swapp marquee letters. They were on a great sale at Pat Catan’s craft store, so who could resist these ready-to-assemble gems?

Heidi Swapp marquee letters

It comes with a nifty little template of the letter. Trace the letter outline and the holes on the back of your chosen piece of scrapbook paper.

USA Marquee - Step 1

Cut out the scrapbook paper, and be precise!

USA Marquee - Step 2

Use a single hole punch to do the holes.

USA Marquee - Step 3

Use your sponge brushes to brush glue to the scrapbook paper backing. Or if you plan to decorate it again later, you don’t have to use the glue at all. Really the glue only helps ensure there are no areas where the paper comes up…but if you are careful not to bend the paper putting it in, you shouldn’t have any problems, I didn’t.

Pop the scrapbook paper cutout into your marquee letter. Some letters will be more difficult to insert than others; if you find you can’t get one part of the letter to pop into place, then lift the paper and start from that more difficult spot and work your way out. Insert the little bulbs into the holes. It might be a bit of a tight squeeze, but twist the bulbs forcefully in anyway.

USA Marquee - Step 4 - 5

Flip your marquee letter over, and insert the lights according to the manufacturers directions. Seriously, don’t just pop the lights in…the battery pack has to go in the middle of the letter, otherwise it will topple over. Don’t ask me why, but it took me two tries before I realized there was rhyme and reason to the specific instructions.

USA Marquee - Step 6

How cute are these little guys? And really there is no limit to how you can decorate them. You could spray paint them first, or paper the sides to be something more than white, and there are different color choices for bulbs!

USA Marquee

Patriotic USA Marquee Letters

Perhaps someday if I want larger lettering I’ll try my hand at making marquee letters from scratch, but for now I’m loving these!

Patriotic USA Marquee craft

Another way to use these cuties when Independence day is over? Use them as I did here as a darling “us” love marquee.

Us - love marquee

Like this, love this -1200 x 100


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