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Canvas Collage - featured image

Custom Canvas Art

**Scroll to the bottom to enter to win your very own custom canvas art! You can put your family’s portrait, or anything you like! Add color, charm & personality with canvas art! But the confusions stemmed from the fact that I wanted some moments displayed there that would right away convey who live here and […] Read more…

Picture frame ledge - featured image

DIY Picture Frame Ledge

The moment I saw my new couch in this space I immediately knew that a beautiful Pottery-Barn-like picture frame ledge would be gorgeous above it and make the whole space! Needless to say my enthusiasm quickly hit a wall when I could not find the much coveted picture frame ledge of my dreams in a reasonable price. […] Read more…

Decorative fall shadow box - featured image

Seasonal Fall Shadow Box

I am one of those people who decorates for the season long after the season has passed. Nope, not because I’m trying to hang on to the joy of it longer, but rather because IF I managed to actually decorate for the season, it took all season (and part of the next) before I actually had […] Read more…

Step by step art -  featured image

Step-by-Step Abstract Art

Do-it-yourself art has become increasingly popular. Many of us want walls filled with artwork, but don’t have the budget to accommodate. What about you? Have you braved wielding the brush and sparing the pocketbook? Art is subjective, so don’t be afraid to whip out a canvas and create something you love…after all, it can’t hurt to try! […] Read more…

Art on a Budget - featured image

Bathroom Art On A $10 Budget

This bathroom makeover is on an extremely small budget, which means I’m going to need extremely small budget art. Sometimes you have to be a little clever and do a lot of mixing and matching to get your desired effect on a minimal budget. Cheap Frames I picked up some cheap frames from Walmart. Yep, […] Read more…

Coat Closet - Featured image 1

Unexpected Art

So, what do you think of this coat closet makeover so far?  A new closet layout, check! Flipped storage shelves, check! Organized space…almost check. During this closet makeover I admit I am a bit distracted. Typically I love simple and streamlined, but something about the style of this closet keeps drawing me to indulge just […] Read more…

DIY Spray Paint Art - featured image

DIY Spray Paint Art

I have been enamored with the gorgeous hits of gold all over Pinterest. Soooo I’ve decided to add my own little hit of gold and sparkle via some art. There are so many ways to obtain this, through gold leaf, or gold flecked paint, but I’m in the mood for a 15 minute project, and […] Read more…

Canvass Squares - featured image

Scrapbook Paper Art

My friend ‘L’ made these fantastic little Scrapbook Paper art canvasses for my daughters room. I loved the idea of something so simple, yet so cute as art for a child’s room. Doesn’t it remind you of a hanging patchwork quilt? Creating this art is easy as pie, and maybe just as delicious! I may not […] Read more…

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