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Navy Painted Pillows - featured image

Navy Painted Throw Pillows

I’ve got huge news guys! In case you haven’t already heard me shouting it from my rooftop (and FB), I can hardly believe it, but I was featured in the March issue of Better Homes & Gardens!! Aaaahhh, I’m so honored! I shared an oldie but a goody project in the magazine on how to paint […] Read more…

Lavinias Craft Shop - Featured image

Etsy Love – Lavinia’s Craft Shop

When a friend of mine recently added entrepreneur to her title of wife and homeschooling super-mom, I could relate to the excitement, anxiety, and hopefulness of such a new venture.  Which is why I was thrilled to to lend my photography skills to help her set up shop…well that and any excuse to play house […] Read more…

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