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Rustic Wheelbarrow - featured image

Do-It Herself Workshops

*This post is powered by The Home Depot When I don a power tool, I admit I get a little giddy. Well what can I say, I feel like superwoman! All those gorgeous pieces I can’t afford suddenly seem attainable with the right tools and materials. You’ve seen what I’ve been able to make on just […] Read more…

Swap It LIke It's Hot - featured image

Swap It Like Its Hot 5

Hey guys, it’s that time of year again! When my good friend Charlotte from Ciburbanity hosts a Swap It Like It’s Hot party! Yep, can you see a big bunch of 40 or so bloggers all gleefully opening thrift shop packages we swapped while singing “swap it like it’s hot, swap it like it’s hot”. I’m […] Read more…

Organize Me Pretty - featured image

Organize Me Pretty Series

October 6th will be the start of a fantastic new blogger’s home tour series! We’re talking 12 days, 12 blogs, and 12 homes in a way you’ve never seen them before! We’re sharing our favorite organization projects, the small spaces that make an impact in how we live our lives… And it all starts October 6th […] Read more…

Etsy Giveaway - featured image

The Great Big Etsy Giveaway

For the past two months you’ve drooled over beautiful products in the featured Etsy shops. Well, drool no more! The day has finally come when you can enter to win one, two, or maybe all six gorgeous products! A big thank you to all the Etsy shops for sharing their journeys over the last couple […] Read more…

Frosting Home Decor -Featured Image

Etsy Love – Frosting Home Decor

I’m very particular when it comes to drapes. All too often I’ve purchased a pair of drapes, tried them out in my home, and promptly returned them. I do this dance for the next month or two before “settling” for some drapes that ‘sort of’ work in the space. What if you could have custom […] Read more…


The Incredibles: Alejandra TV

You haven’t seen organized until you’ve seen Alejandra’s videos! Professional organizer with a stellar eye for creative repurposing, and she offers a productivity program? Why yes please! I promise you’ll be ask hooked as I am.     I had just started a You Tube account for my (then) soon-to-be blog when I thought “hmmm, does […] Read more…

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