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Etsy Giveaway - featured image

The Great Big Etsy Giveaway

For the past two months you’ve drooled over beautiful products in the featured Etsy shops. Well, drool no more! The day has finally come when you can enter to win one, two, or maybe all six gorgeous products! A big thank you to all the Etsy shops for sharing their journeys over the last couple […] Read more…

Montana Photo Journal - featured image

Etsy Love – Montana Photo Journal

As my eyes wander over these pieces, sometimes I swear I can feel the crisp air, and the peace of the great outdoors. Annie, owner of Montana Photo Journal has an eye for the majestic. Her photographs seem to transport me to the beautiful open spaces I’ve yet to experience for myself, and I’m in […] Read more…

Frosting Home Decor -Featured Image

Etsy Love – Frosting Home Decor

I’m very particular when it comes to drapes. All too often I’ve purchased a pair of drapes, tried them out in my home, and promptly returned them. I do this dance for the next month or two before “settling” for some drapes that ‘sort of’ work in the space. What if you could have custom […] Read more…

Christine Marie B - featured image

Etsy Love – Christine Marie B

  I love shops that appeal to my whimsey…that unexpectedly delightful item you can picture in your own home. It’s what I love in this darling shop I follow on Etsy; Christine Marie B Custom Designed + Handmade shop. I have a little crush on Christine’s beautiful custom stamps, although I’m awful at keeping in touch! […] Read more…

Honeycomb Studio - Featured image

Etsy Love – Honeycomb Studio

This Etsy shop makes my heart go pitter patter. Nothing is quite like a beautiful ceramic, and all the gold designs especially have me head-over-heels! Honeycomb Studio produces a lovely variety of my favorite color combinations and designs.   Meet Courtney | Owner, Creative Director Courtney Hamill discovered ceramics later than most. Attending a small school with […] Read more…

Rosyeco - featured image

Etsy Love – Rosyeco

  I joke that I was Eco friendly well before it was popular, and I’ve been a long time fan of pure chemical free materials. Sufficed to say, I was pretty excited to run across this shop that used natural hemp cloth, then add some of my favorite mod designs, and I am sold! I’m […] Read more…

Lavinias Craft Shop - Featured image

Etsy Love – Lavinia’s Craft Shop

When a friend of mine recently added entrepreneur to her title of wife and homeschooling super-mom, I could relate to the excitement, anxiety, and hopefulness of such a new venture.  Which is why I was thrilled to to lend my photography skills to help her set up shop…well that and any excuse to play house […] Read more…

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