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Freestanding wardrobe -featured image

How To Hack Your Way To A Wardrobe

This month Hickory Hardware and Pittsburgh Paints challenged 9 bloggers (including yours truly) to transform an Ikea Rast Dresser using their products. What fun! I jumped onboard right away with the perfect project in mind. My master closet is itty bitty living space, and I’ve been dreaming of the perfect freestanding wardrobe to expand some of […] Read more…

Coat Closet - featured image 2

Coat Closet Reveal

These days it seems everyone is turning their coat closets into mudrooms and reading nooks. I love the idea, but I couldn’t practically give up my closet space. What I could give it was new life with lots of pretty and practical solutions. Beastly Before Oh mercy, I’m loath to remind you of the before […] Read more…

Coat Closet - Featured image 1

Unexpected Art

So, what do you think of this coat closet makeover so far?  A new closet layout, check! Flipped storage shelves, check! Organized space…almost check. During this closet makeover I admit I am a bit distracted. Typically I love simple and streamlined, but something about the style of this closet keeps drawing me to indulge just […] Read more…

Princess Pink Closet - featured image

Princess Pink Closet

Yes, I know we are right in the middle of our fantastic Interviewing the Incredibles series, but I just couldn’t wait to share my latest project! I mean, with all this great information and inspiration from the superheroes of organization and diy, you wouldn’t believe all the things getting done in my house. Plus, one of […] Read more…

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