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DIY Holiday Stocking Post

Oh man, I have so much fun with these virtual build parties! There is nothing like seeing 25+ other bloggers build something from the exact same set of plans, and seeing it transformed to reflect 25 different tastes and styles! My talented blog friend Jenn from Build Basic invited me to join in this virtual […] Read more…


DIY Workshop Virtual Party!

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that I’m a little obsessed with my power tools; It’s no secret that I’ve been getting a little hands-on (or should that read handsy) with them lately. ūüėĬ†Well what can I say? I love beautiful things for less, that is guaranteed great quality, and that I can say I […] Read more…

Christmas Eve Dinner Table

Christmas Eve Dinner Table

In many cultures the Christmas celebration starts on the Eve of Christmas with a large feast, the opening of a single gift, the lighting of candles, and sometimes even the singing of carols. I chatted with a friend who shared the beauty of her cultural traditions, with a faraway look in her eye and the […] Read more…

Christmas on a budget - featured image

High End Christmas Decor On A Low End Budget

Who says you have to spend an arm and a leg to have a spectacular and gorgeous Christmas?¬†Here are some¬†tips¬†that will make it seem like you have high end Christmas decor on a low end budget! Decorate¬†Your Own Ornaments Clear dollar ornaments may be cheap, but after you are done with them they will appear […] Read more…

Christmas In The Kitchen Project - featured image

Christmas-In-The-Kitchen Craft Project

Happy holidays! Well, almost…they are just around the corner. Are you ready? Join me and my fellow bHome app bloggers today¬†as we each share some fun projects to make your holidays extra special. I hope you enjoy this Christmas project tour! The holidays are made precious by the many lovely little traditions we hold dear; […] Read more…

Chic wrapping paper storage - featured image

Chic Wrapping Paper Storage

I have a weakness for wrapping paper.¬†It’s like their pretty designs and textures just call out to me “Ursula, hey, look how cute I am…you totally want to take me home, I’m only $2!!”, and I can never resist. I can’t seem to walk into a Home Goods or a Target without walking out with […] Read more…

Cranberry and popcorn garlands-featured image

The Fun In Cranberry & Popcorn Garlands

So here I am, trying not to go munch on the kettle corn garland we made the other day. I keep reminding myself that they are for my¬†Christmas centerpiece project, and not to satisfy my sweet tooth! I’m not sure it’s going to make it… ūüėÄ Have I ever mentioned that I’m a bit of […] Read more…

fillable ornaments - featured image

Picture & Scroll Filled Ornaments

  While browsing through the Christmas section of my local craft store, a very nice woman browsing through similar items asked me if I knew anything about filling ornaments. She had questions about inserting photos into clear ornaments, and possibly¬†filling them with personal notes! Lovely ideas! A couple, which I had fortunately attempted myself. Through […] Read more…

great gifts with a personal touch - featured image

Gift Giving With A Personal Touch

Are you a big gift giver? For many of you that is the most exciting part of the holidays… the thought filled shopping, the pretty wrapping, and watching the excited faces of the recipients on Christmas morning. I admit my family is a bit of an anomaly in that our holidays¬†usually consist of good food, […] Read more…

DIY gold dipped ornaments - featured image

Elegant Gold Dipped Ornaments

Of course gold spray paint makes for¬†gorgeous orbs, but¬†what you put in them is also key! Pearls from the craft department, ribbon, and twine, all under a dollar each make elegant ornament fillers. Wrapping paper twisted and cut on an angle also creates a beautiful ornament filler. I have a weakness for trendy wrapping paper, […] Read more…

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