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Picture frame ledge - featured image

DIY Picture Frame Ledge

The moment I saw my new couch in this space I immediately knew that a beautiful Pottery-Barn-like picture frame ledge would be gorgeous above it and make the whole space! Needless to say my enthusiasm quickly hit a wall when I could not find the much coveted picture frame ledge of my dreams in a reasonable price. […] Read more…

DIY Corbel Shelf - featured image

DIY Corbel Shelves

I love making custom shelves and organizational racks! It effectively increases the storage of any cabinet, room, or closet, and makes organization a cinch! You can easily and inexpensively make your own shelves and storage racks with one simple (and really cool) hack. Corbels with existing key hole fittings. It makes this DIY a breeze […] Read more…

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