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Terrarium - featured image

Faux Moss & Succulent Terrarium

I have been adding more and more greenery to my house. Besides the benefit of cleaning the air, I love to have little of the outdoors brought in, especially when the fall and winter season turns everything outside golden. That being said, apparently I have a black thumb, because I keep killing each house plant […] Read more…

A quick & easy bud vase project!

DIY Quirky Head Vase

I posted a sneak peak on Instagram the other day, and realized I must be on a bud vase kick! (A few weeks ago I posted this minimalist bud vase). But who doesn’t love a little nature in the home? Bud vases are especially useful because a single stem or clipping can make a statement […] Read more…

Fake Flowers - featured image

The Great Fake Flower Debate

I was so bummed when I spent $9.00 for the most beautiful orchid (below), and after carefully following the directions for care, it croaked (can plants croak?) within a week.  And this isn’t my first plant killing offense… on my record sits two other orchids, a fern, a variety of kitchen window herbs, and one […] Read more…

Display what you love - featured image

Hooks For Storage & Display

  “Display what you love most…” I read this in a home decor magazine and it really stuck with me. Instead of trying to create a “look” for your decor, just display the items you love… the things that most reflect you. Well, I don’t know that my fedora collection reflects who I am, but […] Read more…

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