Painting the Sitting Room/Office

C’mon Carmona, you can do it… just choose a color. It’s just paint…choose.


…After a month of vacillating…once I get the paint on the entire wall, I hate it!! WHAT?? Why does this happen to me?

I say this to myself about 30 times a day while trying to decide on paint colors. Yep, I’m THAT person… scared of committing to a color… and with good reason! I go out and buy little paint quarts to test large swatches on the wall, I try 3-4 varying hues of half a dozen different colors, but to no avail! Inevitably I will decide on the a swatch after a month of vacillating, and once I get the paint on the entire wall, I hate it! WHAT??? Why does this happen to me? So yes, choosing a color is kind of a big thing for me.


I needed to make a decision so I can get to the many many projects necessary to makeover my office and sitting room.


Sitting Room - office -before 1

As I’m prepping this room for paint, all I can think is how many broken things there are in this room. Broken, torn, and largely not my taste. Just about everything (except the coffee table) was inherited from my husbands grandmother… who incidentally had GREAT taste for a grandmothers house.

Sitting Room - Office - paint prep


The great thing about doing a full room makeover, is the cleanup… because let’s face it, with 3 kids certain areas (like behind the couch) hasn’t been touched in years.

Messy Sitting Room


Sorry for the ugly pictures, but hey this is my reality!

Just so you know that it isn’t always this messy, here is the room before we moved in, and then we kinda made it worst after we moved in… and now it is a temporary disaster as I paint it!

Sitting Room Before


I swear I have a plan!

Sitting Room-Office Before

**As you know, I managed to choose a color, and although my sitting room /office is painted and currently in progress, I did manage to arrange my desktop and give you a peek at it this week!
You can see the desktop sneak peek here. See which color I went with? Ask me if I regret it… ask me. *shaking my head*

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