Spice Cabinet

I have the messiest spices in my cupboard. It’s a good thing the insides are a natural wood color, because my turmeric would have made them yellow either way. My spice & seasoning storage has annoyed me for the last time! I can’t find anything, I have spice redundancies, I tend to use the same […] Read more…


Pom Poms as Bedroom Decor

I’m a bit hesitant to let anything pretty hang just above a little girls bed… I can just see it now, one day I’ll be walking past just in time to catch all three girls jumping on the bed to see who can reach the “prettiest one”, and it will be bye-bye pretty. But ‘L’ […] Read more…


Product Love: Hanger Hamper

I actually fold laundry in my bedroom, partially because the TV is in there, but mostly because I have not yet learned to tame the beast that is my family’s laundry and often need a place to leave it until it can be folded. Thus the need for hangers nearby my bed/folding station. This is […] Read more…

Princess Pink Bedroom 1st - featured image

Bedroom Fit for a Princess

My daughter has a “fairy godmother” who we’ll call ‘L’ (that’s “Aunty L” to the girls). Well, she’s actually just godmother, but I’m pretty sure she made the special title of “fairy” after granting a pretty princess pink bedroom wish! One day ‘L’ calls me excitedly and requests to make over her god-daughters bedroom (technically we […] Read more…


Drawer Disaster Averted

So I have a little difficulty with keeping up with laundry, it’s all good. At least I put the folded clothes “neatly” in my drawers. Ehhhh…or something like that…  Ok, so maybe my drawers could use a little TLC. I swear it didn’t start out this way. We used to be so happy together, we worked […] Read more…

Key Ring Vial -featured image

Key Ring Pill Vial

I have such a nice little brother, and not just because he gave me this awesome key chain! Can you say “product love”? (And no company put me up to this, I’m sharing on my own accord!)… typically I don’t like key chains or anything besides my keys hanging from the ring, but this is functional […] Read more…

Healthy Eating Habits - featured image

5 Tips to Get You to Eat Your Salads

It turns out that being vegan doesn’t mean you always make the healthy choices. My horrid sweet tooth and natural affinity for all things fried means I have to work just that much harder to make the right choices.  For me, being a healthy cook requires decisive effort. I know that I must be intentional and purpose […] Read more…


Tiny Master Closet

My teeny tiny master bedroom has a teeny tiny master bathroom, and worst… I have a teeny tiny master closet to match. Oh, I almost forgot, AND it has to work for both the hubster and me! Well, this is going to be a challenge!  Here is a photo I took while the previous owners still lived here. They […] Read more…

Bakers Cabinet - featured image

Bakers Cabinet

I think I love my Bakers Cabinet for all it’s delectable possibilities. When I look, I don’t see 4 different types of sugar, and 6 different flour types, I see homemade bread, and naan, and muffins, and cake….mmmmm cake. Organizing by Zone I love that I can bring my mixing bowl to the counter space […] Read more…


New Kid on The Blog Block

Heh heh, I feel like the silly little chihuahua trying to “run with the big dogs”.Can you see the sign around my neck that says “hello, my name is underdog. I would like to be you please.”? I am awed by what so many other home decor and organizational bloggers have accomplished! Their houses are…well, perfect, not […] Read more…

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