Interviewing The Incredibles

Whenever I need a little inspiration and motivation I surf over to the blogs that first drew me into the wonderful world of creative blogs.  These are the blogs of those I like to  call “The Incredibles”. They are the superheroes of the decorating, diy, and organizing blog world! And guess what? They will be stopping by Home Made by […] Read more…


Organized School at Home

That scary bathroom cabinet can wait to get organized, you know what can’t wait? My kids education. Some of you already know my kids are schooled at home, and I’m eager to introduce you to my secret weapon for staying on task with schooling…a few carefully executed techniques, and virtual school. What is Virtual School? […] Read more…


Organizing Ora et Labora

For those of you who aren’t gamers… we interrupt this blog-cast for a test of of the emergency game organization system. This is a test, this is only a test. If this were a real emergency, game pieces would be scattered across the floor. We’ll get back to your regularly scheduled blog in a moment. […] Read more…

I Love You Because - featured image

The Year Round Valentine

I admit it, I’m just not the holiday celebrating type. I heard that! Your jaw just hit the floor in disbelief…sorry! I had to be honest. Love me anyway! I’ve always figured that a no-stress no-expectation approach to the holidays was  best…especially for the sake of my man! *giggle* Inevitably my manly (but oh so […] Read more…


Creating an Organization Kit

We walk around with cleaning caddies, so why not one for organizing? I found the perfect fishing tackle box by Rubbermaid, with all it’s little crevices it makes an ideal place to store my organizing tools! I’m telling you, nothing else worked even half as well!  I keep my labels, label maker, and other odds […] Read more…


Before There Was Pinterest

Remember pinning before there was Pinterest? I do! *chuckle* I have been “pinning” since I was a teen.  I would pour through my meticulously organized magazine clippings over and over… shucks, I have been training to be a Pinterest addict since I was little. I never had a lack of inspiration or dreams! What about you, did you […] Read more…

Rustic Mirror - featured image

Making a Simple Mirror

Oh how I have longed for one of those gorgeous large round mirrors, framed in a walnut stained teak! I’ve been wishing for what feels like forever. Of course, that’s not saying much, my wishlist is quite extensive, and I’ve been wishing for lots of pretty things. Sometimes it is just not prudent to spend so […] Read more…

Paint Chip labels - featured image

Paint Chip Labels

I loooooooove labels. Hanging labels, tags, sticky labels, you name it! I am always thrilled when I find those scrumptious name brand labels on super sale, but even those can start to add up. So to save my pocket book for other fantastic things I want to buy, I started using paint chips to make my […] Read more…


Plans for 2013

Happy New Year! I’ve always been one to anticipate the future with great hope and expectation. Well let me tell you, I have plenty of both those sentiments for my little blog that could! If you allow me, I plan to regale you with stories of house disasters turn home heaven, more creative diy how’s than you […] Read more…

Underbed Storage - featured image

Under Bed Storage

My middle munchkin likes to keep her papers and projects in defined piles on the floor. Fine, at least she “organizes” her stuff (or something like that). In case you were wondering, why yes, yes I am twitching. Of course, I want her to learn that a truly clean room means keeping her floors clear […] Read more…

Clip Art Painting - featured image

Clip Art Paintings

Art in a room is like ice cream on apple pie (since I don’t get the appeal of a cherry on top), it isn’t complete without it. I have been looking for the perfect art for my eldest daughter’s room. The difficulty with art is the price, even prints can start to add up quickly. […] Read more…

Blog Organizer - featured image

Blog Post Organization

Some people sing in the shower and it magically makes them sound “incredible”. I swear that is what happens with me and my “incredible” blog ideas… unfortunately they tend to fall a little flat once I’m out of the shower, then quickly fade away. If I don’t keep track of those “great ideas” they may […] Read more…


Freezer Organization

Enough is enough! I am sick and tired digging my way through this icy horror I call a freezer. It amazes me that such a small frozen space can be such a nasty sticky disaster. I mean seriously, it is a tundra, how can it be sticky?? As for cleaning the freezer, forget about it, […] Read more…

Dining Room During - featured image

Dining Room Before & After

I thought the previous owners did a very nice job creating a very traditional and warm space, but it just wasn’t me. I really did try and live with the red floral in the dining room, I just am not a floral print kind of person. It couldn’t be done, I appreciate the traditional touches, […] Read more…

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