10 Dorm Room Essentials

10 great (and some super necessary) dorm room essentials you don’t want to overlook! If you are looking for some dorm or studio apartment decorating inspiration, check out this mid century modern room done on a budget for a worthy student. Make Your Dorm Room A Temporary Home Going off to college for the first time can be exciting, […] Read more…


First Impressions Entryway Plan

*Paint is provided courtesy of my friends at Behr® Paint An entryway may seem like an insignificant space, but it’s the one that greets you as you come in, so why not give it a little time and attention? Have a small entry? You’ll love our previous article on important elements for a small entryway. Isn’t it funny how you paint or improve one room […] Read more…


First Apartment & Dorm Essentials

Essentials for a first apartment, first house, or your first year in a dorm…we’ve got you covered! This makeover will inspire you to see what you can accomplish on a small budget with a few simple pieces. *This post is sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens brand carried exclusively at Walmart. Affiliate links contained below […] Read more…


Transforming A Small Dingy Bathroom

Transforming a small bathroom on a small budget is possible! This isn’t the first bathroom budget remodel under my belt. Check out this Jack & Jill bathroom transformation for under $90! *This post is awesomely sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens brand carried by Walmart! Affiliate links below. Instant Makeovers vs. Slow Transformations Often here […] Read more…

Budget Girl's Bedroom FI

Budget Styling For A Bare Girls Room

Budget styling in a room makeover doesn’t have to look cheap or equal a bare room. With a little creativity, elbow grease, and a few inexpensive finds you can style a beautiful room that looks like it had a designer did it! Whatever your budget, you’ll also need these Top 10 Tips For Adding Style On A Budget to help you with the details. […] Read more…


Living Room Makeover Reveal

*Thanks to FrogTape® for sponsoring this amazing project! Somebody pinch me… It’s finally here guys. REVEAL DAY!!! The last 3 weeks (actually 2 weeks for me…) has been filled with bone tiring work to transform my living room for the FrogTape® Paintover Challenge! I’m competing against 6 amazing bloggers (who I actually adore) in hopes that […] Read more…


Living Room Makeover Update

*This post is amazingly powered by FrogTape®! *super awesome* I’m still pinching myself that FrogTape would choose me among such an amazing group of bloggers to participate in the 2018 Paintover Challenge! In case you didn’t hear, I am one of 6 bloggers in this challenge (in which you get to vote for your favorite space). The […] Read more…


Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal

Guys, I can’t even. Wait wait, my bedroom makeover for the One Room Challenge isn’t even DONE and I’m over-the-moon already. I’m afraid it isn’t going to get done this week or month either. Happiness with an unfinished room is what happens when you spend almost a YEAR sleeping with your mattress on the floor and […] Read more…


Bedroom Gallery Wall Love

It’s already week 4 of the One Room Challenge. Ay yai yai. I haven’t gotten much more accomplished than last week. Granted, I’m just happy to be over my big headboard mishap. Yes, you’ve got to read my embarrassing mistake if you haven’t already…I can laugh at it now. 😀 This week I thought we […] Read more…


Master Bedroom Makeover Mishap

Oh mercy. You will never believe what I did in my sleep deprived haze last week. And halfway to the end of the One Room Challenge to boot… I may have bitten off more than I can chew this month. This has been a particularly busy month and I haven’t been sleeping well either. So when I went […] Read more…


Master Bedroom Before Pics

  Sigh. You know those spaces in your brand new house you know will need a makeover, and then YOU move in and it’s somehow uglier and messier than it was before? HOW? Yeeaaaaah, that. I’ve started working on my Master bedroom for the 6-week One Room Challenge, and I have to admit so far week one of this […] Read more…


Tips for Effortlessly ‘Wow Worthy’ Outdoor Entertaining

*This post is awesomely sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens, found at Walmart. Affiliate links below for your shopping pleasure! 😉 I can’t possibly be the only work-at-home mom who loves to entertain but doesn’t always have a whole lot of time to prepare an incredible party or event from the ground up. At the same time, you don’t […] Read more…

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