New Cabinet Pulls Are On!

Uuuuuuhhhgg. Nothing is worst than reaching a hand out to open a cabinet and pulling it away sticky. Well, it’s one of the unavoidable messes of having kids…sticky pulls, and dirty fingerprint smudges along wall edges. Clorox wipes are a constant staple in this house for wiping up walls and cabinets knobs & pulls.
That being said, the old knobs were pretty shot, and not just by sticky fingers. The finish was cracked and peeling, and for once the gold of the knobs weren’t doing anything for me. Considering the pretty reflective silvery frames I have just put in the laundry room, I thought perhaps chrome pulls would be in order. 
I removed the old cabinet knobs, and filled the holes with wood filler. These old knobs were located rather high up, and I’d like those same little sticky fingers to (ironically) be able to reach out and open the cabinets without having to claw their way up the side of the washer or dryer. My kids end up inadvertently pressing buttons, and often I come in to switch the clothes over from washer to dryer to find a paused load, or have to start a washer cycle all over again. The new pulls will strategically be placed as low as they can go without looking strange!
Thanks to my young photographer-in-training for capturing her mommy in action! My 8 year old has an eye for the artistic *proud grin*. 
I’m breaking in my brand new drill to make holes for my new pulls.
I decided to go for interesting rather than safe and installed the pulls horizontally rather than the typical vertical installation. This allows the girls to be able to grasp the entire pull, and an unexpected ancillary benefit is the ability to hang cloths that need to drip dry off the pull. 

It is a small thing, but taking 20 minutes to install new pulls was a nice simple fix that adds quite a bit to a space.
Wahoo! We’re in the home stretch people!! After hanging those gorgeous pictures last week, installing new flooring, and adding pulls this week, all I need is a new light fixture and some accessories and this room will be ready for use again!

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