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Congratulations Showna S!!

As Maker of the Month, you’ve won a $20 gift card! 

Every week we at HMC see her name pop up on Facebook from all the things on our page she has “liked”! She is our silent supporter who hasn’t gone unnoticed! Thanks for “liking” us Showna, we like you too! :)

Want to become Maker of the Month?

Want to be in the running to become Maker of the Month? It’s easy!

Here are some ways, do some, all or mix and match!

  • “Like” things we share on Facebook
  • Comment on and share our Facebook posts
  • Heart our Instagram shares
  • Favorite our Tweets, re-tweet, and reply to questions
  • Upload a pic of a project you were inspired by us to do. Share to my Facebook wall, to Instagram, or Twitter with #HMC Maker (don’t forget to tag Home Made by Carmona!)
  • The more involved you are, the better our community can be, the more fun and encouraging…oh, and of course a chance to be Maker of the Month and win a $20 gift card!

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#HMCmaker #HolidayReady

With the holidays right around the corner it’s been all about getting ready to be a great host (or guest!).

We want to hear your tips! Share your preparations and tips using #HMCmaker and #HolidayReady, and you might just be featured in our round-ups or via our social channels!

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Current Giveaway: Maker of the Month

There are no giveaways going on at the moment, except Maker of the Month…and that is a fun ongoing giveaway to the reader who participates the most with us via social media! See how to enter above.

Frrebies and printables

Looking for the posts with free printables in them? Here they are! 😉

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The Ultimate Menu Pl

 Ready for the Menu Planner of your dreams? It's free! The Eleventh Hour Cook How? How is it that the entire day went by and I STILL don't know what to make for dinner? I find myself entering dangerously close...
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Chore System for the

Keeping a clean house can be like pulling teeth...a lot of pressure now, and painful later. Most of us fuss and "remind" until we're blue in the face. Hi, my name is "most of us", and I'm a recovering fusser....
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Princess Pink Closet

Yes, I know we are right in the middle of our fantastic Interviewing the Incredibles series, but I just couldn't wait to share my latest project! I mean, with all this great information and inspiration from the superheroes of organization...
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All Purpose Storage

  The best part of organizing an all-purpose closet or pantry is tackling all those little knick knacks that often get overlooked! I'm doing a ton of tiny organizing tasks and getting a big return! This narrow little closet just wasn't...
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Cleaning Checklists

I am SO glad I thought to put these little checklists together. Nothing gets old faster than hearing "mom, do I have to clean the sink too?", "mom, is this hall a part of the entryway?", "mom, is it good...
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Chore Chart –

"Chore charts", "sanity", the words might as well be synonymous. If you have kids you know how incredibly fantastic it would be to have them dash up to you and proudly announce they are done for the day with everything on...

Blogs We Love

This month we’re sharing the fantastic Julia from Cuckoo 4 Design! Her design and decor is anything but boring! She knows how to layer glam with interest, and create a stunning space! Visit her today!

Cuckoo 4 Design


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