Guest Ready In Small Spaces


Tips for Getting Guest Ready In A Small Space

Hi there! It’s Kathy from Up to Date Interiors again. Can you believe it’s time to start pre-planning for the holidays? Having a spare room for guests is ideal but some of us just don’t have that extra room! Since we love having our family visit us in Japan in our little Okinawan rental, we’ve learned some tricks for accommodating our guests in style and comfort without a designated guest room.


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Here are some tips for creating a cozy guest area in a small space.

First, find a spot in the house that provides privacy if possible. This could be an office, a child’s room, or even your living room.

If you are using an air mattress, add a foam mattress topper to make it softer (and warmer) to sleep on. Create a cozy sleeping area with nice bedding and extra blankets and pillows. Leaning pillows against the wall at the head of the mattress to create a headboard will make it easier for your guests to relax.

Guest ready small spaces

Provide a “bedside” table using a tray, ottoman, or stool. Make it easy for your guests to grab a glass of water or the alarm clock with the help of a little elevation!

Guest ready bedside snacks

Set out enjoyable reading material. When you have a small space, it might not be practical to have a tv in the guest area. Let your guests wind down in the evening with favorite books or magazines (sudoku anyone?) and make sure there is adequate lighting.

Reading material for guests

Set out small dishes for jewelry, toiletries, and towels near by. Use a bench or chair to display guest items so it can double as a luggage rack.

Guest ready table

Toiletries for guests

Add other little touches to make your guests feel special like stationery or notepad for jotting down thoughts about their fun visit and wonderful hostess. 😉

Stationary for guests

If guests are sleeping in a common area or somewhere where there’s light coming in at night, lay out sleep masks to aid in a good night’s sleep!

Eye masks for guests

If possible, hang empty hangers and empty a drawer for long-term guests. This will help keep the guest area clean and less cluttered which can be harder to manage in a small space.

Guest ready wooden hangers

Don’t forget to provide your wifi password, a house key, and local maps!

key guests hostess

Other things to think of; house slippers, guest robe, and extra throw blankets in the living area.

Slippers for guests

If your small abode only has an eat in kitchen or small dining room, store a folding table that can be brought out for holiday meals. Dress up with a tablecloth, linens, and china for a chic and festive dinner!

Folding table for guests

There you have it! Tips for creating a cozy guest area in a small space. Have you tried any of these? Are there special things you do for your guests?

Kathy Baugher
creator and editor of Up to Date Interiors




2 Comments on Guest Ready In Small Spaces

  1. Demetria Santillan
    July 15, 2017 at 11:46 am (7 months ago)

    My son wants to do away with his bed frame & just have his mattress on the floor to save room. I’ve been against the idea but now that I’ve seen the 2nd photo in this article, I’m reconsidering his idea. I was thinking about a custom platform bed with only the mattress. Thanks so much! We have a guest room too. I never thought to add sleep masks, or write the wifi password in advance or put towels in there since the linen closet is right across from the hall bathroom! duh!!


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