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Coupon Binder - featured image

Coupon Binder Tour

Coupons and price matching have been the only way I have been able to stay on a tiny budget. I am what I like to call a “health-nut couponer”. I am a vegetarian  who believes unprocessed food is the way to go, I prefer all-natural cleaners, I don’t wear make-up or use perfumes and have […] Read more…

Wallpaper Removal - featured image

Wallpaper, Wallpaper, On The Wall…

Mmmmnnnooooggrrrrbleghhh. Oh hey… sorry about that. I was just looking over the bathrooms in my house and eeeggghhh…huh there I go again. I’ve been putting off these two bathroom spaces for 2 years because of the wallpaper. No, it’s not that it will be that difficult to remove it, it’s just that I hate removing […] Read more…

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