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Mailbox curb appeal - featured image

Trendy Mailbox Curb Appeal

*This post is awesomely sponsored by The Home Depot. Woop Woop! I don’t think they knew just how badly my mailbox area was in need of a makeover. How silly would it be to spend all this time designing the perfect home only to ignore the curb appeal? When The Home Depot and Gibraltar challenged […] Read more…

Copper Obelisk Trellis - featured image

DIY Obelisk Trellis

We relish a nice sweet sugar snap pea! The price tag to buy them fresh, not so much. I decided I would grow a giant patch of delicious peas and keep us satisfied all summer long, and those dearly beloved pea plants would wrap their little tendrils around a beautiful copper and wood trellis…I was determined […] Read more…

DIY Copper Cabana - featured image

DIY Copper Cabana

Recently my good friends at The Home Depot reached out to me with a fun DIY challenge; they wanted to know what I could create using piping. Are you kidding, I’ve always wanted to get my hands on pipes and see what I could make…challenge so totally accepted!! I was so excited, I dreamt up about […] Read more…

DIY Privcy Screen - featured image

Garbage Can Privacy Screen

*This post is awesomely sponsored by Kreg Jig (thanks guys!). All opinions expressed (and of course this project), is my own. I HATE ugly exposed trash cans and recycling bins, so I’m pretty thrilled with this project! This week you toured two of my favorite outdoor areas to lounge in my yard, but I have one more corner […] Read more…

Fall Backyard - featured image

My Beautiful Fall Yard

  I admit it, I am SO not ready for winter. You wouldn’t be if you lived in the snow belt either… all the cold winter days spent snow blowing through drifts that go up to your waist. But I am enjoying the stunningly beautiful fall colors that come with the season that ushers in […] Read more…

2013 Garden - featured image

Last Year’s Deck Garden

Are you enjoying gardening season? After a long frigid winter, I am positively reveling in summer weather! Our deck garden is coming along nicely and I can’t wait until everything fills in and plants start really producing. A reader emailed asking if I gave a garden tour last year. Well it turns out that I […] Read more…

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