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Hidden Storage

*This post is awesomely sponsored by Better Homes and Gardens brand, found exclusively at Walmart! Remember when you were a kid and your mom told you no playing until your room was clean? You know that instinct to stuff the mounds of toys into whatever box, shelf, nook or cranny you could find… A little […] Read more…

Organizing Kit Must-Haves - featured image

Organizing Must-Haves

When we clean we use a cleaning caddy, when we repair or build something we cart around a toolbox, why don’t we have an organizing kit for those awesome organizing tasks? Well I do, and I’m over at IHeart Organizing this week to show you all the insider tips to assembling your own organizing kit. PLUS […] Read more…


Amazing Suitcase Organization

My family hates traveling. Does that make us weird? Well who can blame us with our bad luck in travel! We’ve gotten separated due to over-filled flights, we’ve lost bags, thrown away items because of over-weight bags, we’ve been searched and prodded, we’ve endured disgusting vegan versions of airport food (could airport food get worst? YES!), and gotten […] Read more…

Tiny House - big living - featured image

Tiny House, Big Living

Have you noticed the new movement sweeping the nation? Simplified living… we are slowly learning that happiness isn’t found in having many possessions, or in the large spaces required to store those numerous possessions. Incredibly, less can be more.   This is a lesson I’ve been learning the last few years! When we moved to Ohio we […] Read more…

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