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Locker Styling Kit - featured image

Locker Styling Kit

Okay supermom/dad ready to help your kids rock the first day of school? …wouldn’t you have loved a customized locker that was cute and helped you stay organized? Send them back to school with an amazing locker styling kit filled with crafty items for them and their friends to use for the day. Most likely your kid is […] Read more…

No Sew Applique - featured image

DIY No Sew Applique Labels

First, let me emphasize that this tutorial is best for canvas or fabric bins.  Please do NOT try this tutorial on plastic bins…you don’t want to deal with melted plastic. I originally used this technique to make t-shirts for my sorority in college.  When you live on a college budget, $50 for a sewn applique […] Read more…

Homework Caddy - featured image

Sweet Little Homework Caddy

You and your child spend 30 minutes searching for a single pencil, and the glue she just used yesterday. You begin to actually wonder if the dog really IS eating the homework, and the homework supplies…didn’t you just stock up 2 weeks ago? It’s like someone is playing a mean magic trick where they make all homework supplies disappear into thin […] Read more…

Thank You Jar - featured image

The Thank You Jar

I want to help my children become kind, courteous, self-less little people who put one another other first. Nobody pinch me, I know I’m dreaming!! But if there were ever a dream worthy of pursuit, this would be it. Being courteous isn’t much of a challenge when it is to those outside the home, but sometimes we […] Read more…

Underbed Storage - featured image

Under Bed Storage

My middle munchkin likes to keep her papers and projects in defined piles on the floor. Fine, at least she “organizes” her stuff (or something like that). In case you were wondering, why yes, yes I am twitching. Of course, I want her to learn that a truly clean room means keeping her floors clear […] Read more…

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