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Carpe Diem Scheduler - featured image

Carpe Diem Calendar & Planner

Guys, I might have just found a new obsession. This could turn out to be a chink in my organization armor, or just what I need to stay organized…oh cruel irony! I’ve discovered that I’m a sucker for cute planners and schedulers. Yup, that means either I become a planner “collector” (aka calendar hoarder), or just […] Read more…

Dry Erase Calendar - featured image

Dry Erase Calendar

I’ve had many requests to share the rest of my Home Management Binder!I have shared the Blog Planner and the Menu Planner sections of my Home Management Binder, and today I’m eager to share the Calendar segment!  My reusable dry erase Calendar/Planner/Scheduler operates much in the same way the Blog Planner and Menu Planner work…as a matter […] Read more…

Blog Organizer - featured image

Blog Post Organization

Some people sing in the shower and it magically makes them sound “incredible”. I swear that is what happens with me and my “incredible” blog ideas… unfortunately they tend to fall a little flat once I’m out of the shower, then quickly fade away. If I don’t keep track of those “great ideas” they may […] Read more…

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