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First Impressions Entryway Plan

*Paint is provided courtesy of my friends at Behr® Paint An entryway may seem like an insignificant space, but it’s the one that greets you as you come in, so why not give it a little time and attention? Have a small entry? You’ll love our previous article on important elements for a small entryway. Isn’t it funny how you paint or improve one room […] Read more…


Transforming A Small Dingy Bathroom

Transforming a small bathroom on a small budget is possible! This isn’t the first bathroom budget remodel under my belt. Check out this Jack & Jill bathroom transformation for under $90! *This post is awesomely sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens brand carried by Walmart! Affiliate links below. Instant Makeovers vs. Slow Transformations Often here […] Read more…


Living Room Makeover Update

*This post is amazingly powered by FrogTape®! *super awesome* I’m still pinching myself that FrogTape would choose me among such an amazing group of bloggers to participate in the 2018 Paintover Challenge! In case you didn’t hear, I am one of 6 bloggers in this challenge (in which you get to vote for your favorite space). The […] Read more…


Bedroom Gallery Wall Love

It’s already week 4 of the One Room Challenge. Ay yai yai. I haven’t gotten much more accomplished than last week. Granted, I’m just happy to be over my big headboard mishap. Yes, you’ve got to read my embarrassing mistake if you haven’t already…I can laugh at it now. 😀 This week I thought we […] Read more…


Master Bedroom Makeover Mishap

Oh mercy. You will never believe what I did in my sleep deprived haze last week. And halfway to the end of the One Room Challenge to boot… I may have bitten off more than I can chew this month. This has been a particularly busy month and I haven’t been sleeping well either. So when I went […] Read more…


Master Bedroom Before Pics

  Sigh. You know those spaces in your brand new house you know will need a makeover, and then YOU move in and it’s somehow uglier and messier than it was before? HOW? Yeeaaaaah, that. I’ve started working on my Master bedroom for the 6-week One Room Challenge, and I have to admit so far week one of this […] Read more…


ORC Dining Room Color – Week 2

Guys, today is suppose to be our report for week two of the One Room Challenge. Yo. I’ve been just a little bit like a chicken with my head cut off. I can’t even begin to tell you how nuts this week has been, and how many things went comically wrong. I should maybe star […] Read more…


ORC Week 1: Small Dining Rm Before

Wow, the summer has flown by and it’s already time for another One Room Challenge. Yup, tons of bloggers and designers from all over the blogosphere join in a 6 week design challenge hosted by Linda of Calling It Home to transform a single space. I wasn’t sure I would join in this season, especially after […] Read more…

Front Door Makeover - featured image

Front Door Makeover Tips

*This post was made possible by Schlage! *awesome sauce* There are 3 things that always instantly transforms an entry, both from the interior and exterior… The front entry on the guest cottage left much to be desired, both the interior and the exterior. The living room is looking great, the kitchen is stunning, one of two […] Read more…

Floored by Progress - cottage kitchen - featured image

Cottage Kitchen – Floored by Progress

*Ahoy! Affiliate links below! Guys, how is that we are in the 4th week of the One Room Challenge already?? Agh! I’m just not ready for this…progress is SO slow ya’all. On the bright side, I got a whole slew of beautiful things for the kitchen! Some I found during my cottage kitchen shopping spree, and […] Read more…

Sitting Room Before - featured image

Painting the Sitting Room/Office

C’mon Carmona, you can do it… just choose a color. It’s just paint…choose. I needed to make a decision so I can get to the many many projects necessary to makeover my office and sitting room. As I’m prepping this room for paint, all I can think is how many broken things there are in […] Read more…

Cabinet Pulls - featured image

New Cabinet Pulls Are On!

Uuuuuuhhhgg. Nothing is worst than reaching a hand out to open a cabinet and pulling it away sticky. Well, it’s one of the unavoidable messes of having kids…sticky pulls, and dirty fingerprint smudges along wall edges. Clorox wipes are a constant staple in this house for wiping up walls and cabinets knobs & pulls. That […] Read more…

Laundry room flooring - featured image

My Rather Alluring Floors

Whooohoo! Happy birthday to me! I just scored 3 boxes of Traffic Master Allure Ultra in Aegean Travertine at $58 a box, down from the regular $78 per box. I walked into Home Depot (my 2nd home), and there they were…right in the middle of the aisle with a big sign that might as well […] Read more…

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