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Amazing Light Fixture Choices

*This ORC post is made possible by MODCREATIONStudio found on Etsy! Affiliate links below… I am determined to design a beautifully moody space… My guest house dining room is so dark, probably because it is shaded by a ton of tall (but gorgeous) trees in the backyard. All I know is that the ugly outdated ceiling […] Read more…

Bedroom light fixture - featured image

The Inspiration Lightup

Have you ever found yourself at a stand still in your decorating with no idea what to do next? Whether it is because you aren’t sure what pieces would look best in the space, or what would meet your practical needs, or just because you’ve been distracted by life…it is easy to get off track. For my master […] Read more…

Piano lamp - featured image

Piano Lamp Turn Bookcase Lamp

Looking at my living room bookcases, I just kept feeling there was something missing. Then one day I realized what was needed…a bookcase lamp. That’s what is missing, and not just because it finishes the look of a tall bookcase, but because lighting is function as well as fashion.   Have you seen those bookcase […] Read more…

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