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DIY Phone Charging Station - featured image

DIY Phone Charging Station From Scrap

A simple and sleek little phone charging station from Restoration Hardware caught my eye while stalking my local RH store. It’s like walking into a candy store, well…if the candy was laced with gold. I have yet to be able to afford anything there, because even something as small as this lovely phone charger costs $79. It’s […] Read more…

West Elm Inspired Shelves - featured image

West Elm Acrylic Shelf Knock Off

It’s time for another installment of the West Elm Knock-off Series! Last time I showed you how to build a West Elm knock-off slab bench (which is an astounding $699) for a mere $15!! Today myself and these 4 amazing and talented gals are excited to share our latest West Elm knock-offs. Who say’s you can’t […] Read more…

Faux Tin - featured image

How To Make Faux Box Tins

I don’t know if you have seen these ah-mazing SyuRo tins floating around Pinterest, but I have been drooling over them for quite a while now. Sadly, they will NEVER EVER  grace my home because, well, the price tag gives me a heart attack. And I’m afraid doing a knock-off out of actual tin material isn’t quite […] Read more…

Wire Basket - slider1

DIY Wire Baskets

I have wanted wire baskets forever! Ever since seeing them in a lovely Pottery Barn catalog. But $20-$30 for a single large basket? Uhhh, yeah right, even if my husband said “honey I want to buy you something special” I’d have to say no… are you kidding, do you know how many beautiful things I could […] Read more…

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