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Washer bello fix-it - featured image

How to Fix a Torn Washer Bellow

It will only happen when you have had holiday guests for a week and they want to wash a couple things before they fly home. Oh, and your entire family has also run out of clothing to wear, while the workweek is about to begin in two days. That –that is the fateful moment when you […] Read more…

Mid-Century Chair Touch-up -featured image

My Fab Furniture & ReStor-It

I was incredibly thrilled to find these mid-century modern chairs at $30 a piece. What a steal! Hooray for awesome Facebook swap & sell groups! My new mid-century mod chairs are sturdy, and ridiculously comfortable, but they do have a bit of “speckling” where the finish looked like it was exposed to moisture and bubbled […] Read more…

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