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Copper Kitchen Accessories - featured image

Trendy Copper Kitchen Accessories

Agh! Amazon, you are KILLING me with all your copper and rose gold kitchen suggestions! Blast your incredible insight into my likes and dislikes, your special magical algorithms that know me so stinking well. Blast your incredible insight into my likes and dislikes, your special magical algorithms that know me so stinking well. Earlier this […] Read more…

Pinspired Office Spaces - featured image

Pinspired Offices

I wish I had an actual office to work in, however my sitting room (because let’s be realistic, there will be no courting in this room) will work best as a multipurpose space / office space. As I take on my office, I’ve spent a little more time than I should swooning over gorgeous office’s on […] Read more…

Pinspired entry - featured image

Pinspired Entry to Hallway Spaces

In my opinion hallways are valuable real estate and should be treated as such, that means I want to make the most of it! I may not always be able to use my halls for storage, but always the gallery lover, I believe halls can sport oodles and oodles of gorgeous art at the very least! […] Read more…

Pinspired laundry room -featured image

Pinspired Laundry Rooms

I hate doing laundry, but the mounds of laundry that haunt me daily sure seems to have a love affair with me. As much time as I spend in the dreaded laundry room I figure it should be both functional and pleasing to be in. Time for a little laundry room inspiration…   I love peeking […] Read more…

Blogger Projects for the living room -featured image

5 Stylish Blogger Projects

My weakness is a beautiful project anyone can execute, that brings refreshed style to every space it graces. These bloggers have done just that with these easy to follow tutorials! I’ve been working on giving my living room a much needed makeover and I have experienced more moments of decor block than I care to admit…some […] Read more…


Pinspired Living Rooms

The blogosphere is chock full of gorgeous living rooms… sadly none of them are mine. Well not yet anyway.It is ironic, I’ve spent all my time on the little rooms (closets, bathrooms, laundry room, etc.) because I just haven’t been inspired when it comes to my main rooms. Of course, when you have a ratty […] Read more…

Pinspired Holidays - featured image

Pinspired Holidays

Ok, I confess, I’m not too traditional, I tend to think of the holidays as vacation time to break out the board games, and put my feet up! *giggle* No, but on a more serious note, our family has committed to keeping the holidays simple and each year giving the extra pennies that would have been […] Read more…


Pinspired Projects- Bathroom Spaces

I confess, I should have gotten the bathroom organized (at the very least) a long time ago. I have been waffling about the style and how to accomplish these conflicted ideas I have in my head. Well, its time. No more waffling.  { Source: Emily Jenkins Followill }I love the dark walls and the style […] Read more…


Hometalk on Entryway Organization

Oh Hometalk, where have you been all my life??  Maybe a more accurate question would be “where have I been all my life”? *grin*Ok, so I’m guessing most of you have not only heard about, but have been enjoying the Hometalk community for a while now… well then I have a question for you – […] Read more…

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