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Front Door Giveaway - featured image

Front Door Paint Giveaway!

Last week I shared my font door paint-over, and this week I’m excited to announce that one of you lucky readers will win your very own quart of Front Door Paint by Modern Masters! Take a look at all these amazing paint choices…so many stunning colors to choose from! Which is your favorite? Go ahead, try […] Read more…


May’s Highlights & Happenings

Wow, May really flew by… I guess that’s what happens when you have too many things going on in a single month, plus all those DIY projects I’ve been dreaming up. Now that summer is FINALLY here, this homeschooling mama is on break! Can you hear the rejoicing and jubilation in my words? That means […] Read more…


Mothers Day Reflections

Happy Mothers Day!A flower for the mothers out there! I’ve been a mom for 10 years now. Wow… I can hardly believe it! It seems like just a moment ago that I was rubbing my nose on chubby little baby cheeks, breathing in that smell of baby scalp and Johnson’s shampoo. I didn’t plan for any […] Read more…

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April Highlights & Happenings

Spring weather in April has admittedly had it’s ups and downs here in the Northeast. While we’ve had some warmer days, the snow has hung around and occasionally forced me and my projects back indoors. Forget April showers, more like April flakes. I guess it is too early to tackle the multi-day outdoor projects…but boy […] Read more…

Vacuum - featured image

Vacuum Decor?

One day I would love to know what it feels like to put my vacuum away. Vacuums should be designed to look like a decor accessory, because mine is always out…and yet, my floors never stay clean for longer than a few hours a day. I’m serious, I rotate the vacuum between rooms, one day […] Read more…


My First Time…at a HomeGoods Store

I stepped through the automatic doors, took one look around me and whispered “oooooh noooo, I’ve just been taken hostage…by AWESOME”. I know, I know, I’m a nut. See, I’ve never been in a HomeGoods store before and I guess I had partially expected a shop of antique like trinkets and furniture a grandmother would buy. […] Read more…

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March Highlights & Happenings

The Northeast is FINALLY thawing out (insert overly dramatic swooning)!! To say that I’m relieved would be a gross understatement. I hadn’t been able to tackle any projects that require outdoor ventilation for 3 months…that is a lifetime in DIY years. A lifetime. That isn’t even the worst part. All my paint froze, and by […] Read more…


January Highlights & Happenings

This has been by far the craziest strangest month! The frigid cold we have been experiencing around the Great Lakes has put a bit of a hamper on my projects. Without the ability to work in the outdoors (or at least allow for some ventilation), not a whole lot is getting done around here. Anything that […] Read more…

1st Blogiversary

Can you believe it!? One year ago I officially began blogging, and it has been one fantastic ride!  Although my blog is only a year old, it does sport a year and 3 months worth of archives. I made sure to retroactively publish several months of posts so you would have something to read when […] Read more…


November Highlights & Happenings

Happy Thanksgiving!! (Well, to those of you who are in America…to those of you who are not…happy end of November!!!! *grin*) Are you sprawled out in front of a fire, a glass of eggnog (or if you’re me, soynog) in hand while reading this? *contented sigh* Aaaahhh the vacation season! (To those of you not in […] Read more…


October Highlights & Happenings

Goodness, I blinked and October was over! I’m not sure I’m ready for the holiday season, I still have about 50 other projects I thought I’d have complete before the holiday guest rush! Last Little Bit Of HarvestWell, if cold weather wasn’t official before, it is now! Not only have the leaves turned gorgeous yellows and […] Read more…


Highlights & Happenings

Hey there lovely people! It has been almost 9 months of blogging for my little-blog-that-could, and I am SO grateful for all of you being so supportive and following all my adventures! I can hardly believe how the blog has grown in leaps and bounds thanks to you. There is often so much going on behind […] Read more…

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