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DIY Tufted Bench - featured image

How to Build A DIY Tufted Bench

Well, I’m at it again, trying my hand at tufting…let’s call the first time I tufted practice. Although, to my great surprise, you all made my diamond tufted headboard tutorial go viral! Thank you for such a resounding response, it truly warmed my heart! So today I’m sharing how I built and upholstered my own custom […] Read more…

Phone Charger - featured image

Awesome Use of Leftover 2×4’s!

Ever wonder what to do with those leftover slices of 2×4’s? Make a phone charging station!! I’m a contributor over at Remodelaholic, and every other month I share a fun DIY project. Today I’m sharing how to make this $2 phone charger (which is a cool Restoration Hardware knock-off by the way). Pop over to […] Read more…

DIY Candle Holders - featured image

DIY Candle Holders

I saw an amazing set of gold leaf candle holders at a home decor store I thought would be perfect as a centerpiece! Well until I nearly choked at the $40 price tag. I promptly went home and made my own knock-off in the same design out of $1/ea shot glasses! Much better price tag right? I […] Read more…

Dry Eraser board - featured image

DIY Dry Erase Resolutions Board

I can be forgetful and absentminded which tends to get in the way of achieving positive new resolutions. My solution? Keep all your good intentions close at hand and always visible via this DIY Dry Erase Resolutions board! I love an easy and attractive project, and I’m sharing all the details over at SheKnows. Click […] Read more…

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