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Dream Home -by Jonathan & Drew Scott

Guys, when I heard that familiar voice of Jonathan Scott on the phone, I may have gone starstruck and speechless for a moment. But only a moment…Jonathan is such a down-to-earth guy it wasn’t long before I felt at ease and we were chatting away.

It’s hard to believe that it was almost a year ago since I interviewed him for a blog post and he was telling me about their then brand new book “Dream Home”. Shame on me, it has taken this long to finally buy it. Oh fine, I admit it, I always prefer to grab up a book once the presses have cooled down and it goes on sale. #totalcheapskate Granted, I still meant to read this a while ago, but you know the life of a homeschooling DIY mom…the best laid plans of mice and moms.


I really enjoyed this book! There was plenty of eye candy and inspirational tips offered. I have always loved the design style of the Property Brothers, so this book is well worth having in my book shelf.

Dream Home by The Property Brothers

There were a lot of good tips, but I think the lesson I personally should be taking away is on page 258. They have a great 4-step formula to help those who need to add a little color in their homes and lives.
Yep, I’m one of those people who is a little afraid of color. Anytime I add it to my home, it’s because I had to push myself to do it. One time I went out to buy some throw pillows that would add color, and came home with sparkly white ones instead. Guuuys, I may need an intervention. Anyway, this formula is something I definitely need to put into practice.

Book Club - Dream Home

I’m not going to give away any more secrets, but if you read it these were a few of my thoughts, and I’d love to know yours!

  • pg. 283: Must do…which front door is your style?
  • pg. 128: I count 2 blunders I certainly made…ooops.
  • pg. 176-180: Gee, everyone loves a great before and after!
  • pg. 98: yes, yes, yes, and yes.

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So, what was your favorite takeaway from this book?

Dream Home by The Property Brothers found on Amazon


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Any tips for me on other good must-read decorating books I should add to my library?

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