Book Club: Lovable Livable Home

Book club - Lovable Livable Home

Yeah I know…I’m always a couple years behind in my reading.

Hey, there is a reason for that you know (beside barely having time to read), I like to wait until books go on deep sales before adding them to my collection, or until my local library carries them.

Great ideas - Lovable Livable Home

It was great to curl up with a nice cup of tea and enjoy this book…not once, but twice over. I think I’m particularly curious and somewhat enamored by the authors of this book, John and Sherry Petersik, because they started out as design bloggers like me. Now here they are authors, their products carried in various stores, and so much more. It makes a gal start to dream… I had an opportunity to chat briefly with the Petersik’s and hear their entire story at a bloggers conference last year. It was truly inspirational!

Young House Love

Plus I love to see any highly practical, super cute, and budget friendly decorating ideas from fellow bloggers.

Lovable Livable Home - Young House Love

They really do have some fun and super simple projects. Things that don’t take more than an afternoon to accomplish, but can make quite an impact! I really love the idea of making your own wallpaper with a metallic sharpie (because wallpaper can cost an arm and a leg to buy), or washi taping up artwork in an apartment where you don’t want damage.

Lovable Livable Home by Sherry Petersik

The book isn’t just filled with clever easy tips, there is plenty of decorating inspiration too. They have some big projects that gave me all kinds of ideas for my own home.

Tips from the book Lovable Livable Home

So, have you read it? I’d love to know what some of your favorite projects were.

I enjoyed reading Lovable Livable Home, and I really enjoyed  sharing it with my private Facebook group, the HMC Makers. We’ve got a virtual book club going on in there, plus other tip and project sharing. I’d love to have you join us!


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