First name Ursula, middle name (might as well be) “I-bet-I-can-make-it-myself”, last name Carmona. Welcome to the Carmona family home! I have the most awesome job in the world as a stay-at-home wife to an intelligent handsome (albeit handy-less) man, and a homeschooling mom to our three fantastic girls. By the way, my girls are also my handy blog & household aids…which is why this home is made by “Carmona”, it is a family effort!


 About Little Ole Me…

I’m a handy wannabe, and a lover of all things beautiful. 
Truth be told, I have expensive taste and no money, I’m a wanna-be neat freak though my house didn’t get that memo, and a blissfully bold DIY’er with a determined can-do attitude. 

Naturally I find myself a bit at a loss as to how to clean up my hot-mess house, but I’m saying “bring it on” to the challenge. I am convinced that organization is the answer to creating a lovely house, and a fantastic home, where my family can grow into an even more incredible family!
Well, here goes nothing…


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