10 Ways To Decorate Around A Piano

The piano is often the odd piece of furniture in the room. Necessary when you love playing music, but doesn’t always fit well into a space. We’ve got 10 amazing examples of spaces that have worked it perfectly into their decor and even made it a focal point! Each space demonstrates what a little care and thoughtful […] Read more…


4 Perks of Smart Bulbs

Sometimes the smallest details can bring the biggest returns… If I said there was one awesome hack that could save energy, reduce mom stress, and literally put you in the best light, would you do it? *Sponsored by our friends at Bulbrite Solana™ Smart LED Bulbs These days I’m crushing on one of the coolest smart tech’s to […] Read more…


8 Stylish Sofa Cover Ideas To Protect Your Furniture

Remember the days of plastic covered furniture at your Grandma’s house? Lifting up your legs to “unstick” yourself? Agh! Thank goodness those plastic sofa cover days are over! Unfortunately the same problems are still here…our brand new sofas, couch, ottomans, and chairs all suffer spills, dust, fading, and wear from use. Granted, with new stain […] Read more…


Whole House Tour: Before & After

As promised, I’m finally sharing a whole house tour for the first time ever! You’ll get to see a bit of the before and after… But I’m not just going to show you the good, I’ll give you the bad and ugly too. Oh, and if you want more details about a space, I’ll be sure […] Read more…


Cabinet Organization Tips – Food Storage 101

A stylish kitchen is great, but a practical kitchen with efficient cabinet organization is even better. In the Kitchen Organization Tips series, we’re going to cover several clever hacks and important tips to help make your kitchen operate like a charm! Over the next couple months I’ll show you how to best store food, spices, dishes/pots/pans, small appliances, […] Read more…


Amazon Prime Day Top Finds

Amazon Prime lovers rejoice! Today, July 15th – 16th is Prime Day and they are giving us all kinds of wonderful exclusive deals! I waited all month to grab a few items I could really use around my house…hey, if a few weeks wait can result in a a good deal, no problem. So as […] Read more…

Small apartment FI

Small Touches In A Small Apartment

My sister Sarah has an unassuming small apartment, but she has managed to make it an eye-catching artistic haven with just a few small inexpensive touches. While staying at her apartment for a week, I couldn’t resist snapping pictures of all the picturesque vignettes created. Of course, like most of us, she doesn’t feel her space […] Read more…


Mini Dining Refresh With Max Results

When major makeovers aren’t in the budget, a can of paint and a few inexpensive accessories can make all the difference! This dining refresh only involves painting a hutch, buying a new set of chairs, and some new stylish dishes. Yet the entire look is completely different in design style. No matter what your preferred style is, […] Read more…


5 Ways To Make Movie Night Epic!

Movie night in can be even more amazing than going out to your local theater. We’ll show you how to make make it hands down the best experience ever! *Thanks to Better Homes & Gardens brand carried exclusively by Walmart. Affiliate links contained below. Why shouldn’t movie night at home be even better than a […] Read more…


Accent Tables, Paint, & Hardware: ORC Week 3

Wondering how things are going on week 3 of the 6-week One Room Challenge? Well, my hand may permanently be frozen in a paint-brush shaped grasp, but I’m just happy to be *almost* finished with painting. Plus I got some really pretty things delivered to my front door this week!! Between stunning hardware for my door, […] Read more…


8 Tips For Outdoor Entertaining

Whether it is for 2 or 24 guests here are tips for entertaining in the outdoors without a ton of work or stress! *This post is awesomely sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens brand carried exclusively at Walmart! Affiliate links contained below. Now that the weather is perfect, it’s time to take our entertaining to the […] Read more…

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